Frequently Asked Questions


What ages do you serve?
We generally tutor and mentor students between grades 2 and 12. Please visit our services page to see all of our subject offerings. On occasion, we do work with college and post-grad students. You may contact us if you fall into the latter category.
Do you have experience with the Common Core Standards?
We have been preparing students for the Common Core since they were mandated in NYC in 2013. The CCLS is a series of standards that has been met with much opposition and frustration. But we work hard with our elementary and middle school students to make sure the math and ELA standards are crystal clear and that they are proficient in every module before April rolls around.
Do we sign a binding contract before beginning the sessions? 
Nope. All of our students are admitted on a lesson-to-lesson basis. If you are ever unhappy with your mentor, you may discontinue the lessons.
How long is each session? How many times a week?
On average, our students request two sessions per week at an hour each. This helps conquer both the weekday and weekend workload.  However, session times are very flexible and we are able to accommodate most schedule requests.
I notice you place an emphasis on math and science. Do you also help with ELA?
Yes, we provide mentoring for reading and writing, as well as help with the ELA Common Core state exams. We have experience teaching reading comprehension, proper essay structure, and other essential English skills. 


Tell me about the free introductory session.
It’s pretty simple. Contact us today and schedule a convenient time to meet with Allen, our founder and lead mentor. He will sit down with you and your child to find out exactly how we can help. This session is completely free of charge and you may bring in any previous exams or homework assignments to review. From there, he will outline a plan to help your child achieve his or her academic goals.
What is the cost of the service?
Our pricing is even simpler. If you decide to continue with us after the trial session, the cost for private tutoring sessions is $95 per hour. If your child has friends who also need tutoring, you may enjoy a reduced group session cost.
What is included in the hourly pricing?
You didn’t think it was just tutoring, did you? We offer unlimited e-mail homework help for all of our active students. If your session is 3 days away and you have a burning question now, you may e-mail us at We respond within the hour with customized, expert instruction. You’re never on your own at AM.
How does payment work?
You will be invoiced every 14 days. You may remit the invoices either online or in person.


In which cities do you offer in-home tutoring?
As of September 2016, we proudly serve families in the New York City metro area. If you’re not a NYC resident, please see below for online mentoring options.
Where do the lessons take place?
In the NYC, we offer in-home lessons for all grades. If you would prefer to hold the session near school or somewhere else outside of the home, our mentors can also meet in a public location, such as a library or coffee shop.
Are there any options for online mentoring?
AM is well-equipped to handle all the needs of the 21st century. We offer online sessions via Skype, using a professional drawing pad and an online blackboard. See a lesson preview here.